Thursday, May 16, 2013

First blog, First job

So this will officially be the first blog that I've ever written. Maybe in a few years I'll look back on this and cringe, maybe I'll be proud, honestly I might forget that I even made this. Regardless, it feels nice to be able to share and document my life in some form or another. And by what I can only assume is cosmic coincidence, along with my first blog I just got my first job (about a month ago)

My Auntie (Who isn't really my Auntie, but one of my Mom's closest friends. It's a filipino thing, don't question it) owns a care home for people with special needs. She has owned it for nearly 2 years now and it never dawned on me that I should ask her for a job. You see for the past year or 2 I've been looking for a job, I applied everywhere. Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. I applied to over 50 places. They all turned me down, even Mcdonalds. MCDONALDS. They chose the guy that had Burger King experience, go figure. Well I finally asked my Auntie for the job, and she said yes. 

It isn't the most glamorous job, in fact it can be quite disgusting at times. Not very high paying, but hey it's an entry level position and a job is a job. My official title is "Nursing Assistant", I give medicine to patients, change diapers, help with ROM exercises, I even cook them food. My greatest fear was diaper changing. At first I thought I would hate the job, but after a while they all started to grow on me. 

There are 5 patients, each with their own disabilities. Some have Downs, others have epilepsy, only 1 of them can actually walk and only 2 of them can talk. At first glance you think that it's impossible to connect with them, because they are so different. After the first week I started to notice mannerisms, and behaviors that each of them showed. One would grab my hand to rub his head, another would smile when I entered the room. It was pretty awesome. By the third week I was friends with all the patients, some of them even told me they missed me when I came back from a few days off shift. It was incredibly endearing and humbling, and by the end of the first month I felt like part of a big family. I enjoy going to work now, and I don't mind changing their diapers or doing other "disgusting" things. These people need help and it's my job to help them. 

Oh and one of them talks to an imaginary little boy sometimes, and it freaks me out. But that is a story for another time.

So that's my first blog, not too exciting but here's to the future.

- Kevin Inlay (Sladeakakevin)